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This is for a  bi-weekly series of twelve 90 minute classes, held over a 6 month period.

On Zoom, on set days and times.  To be determined based on needs of each group.

You are on a spiritual path, or long to begin.  You also know, or suspect that you have spiritual gifts and want to develop them.

It is widely known that when you are ready, a teacher will appear. I offer my experience, knowledge, and skills to assist you on your own journey with spiritual development classes created for your individual needs.

How This Works:

Choose the specific course you wish to take.

You will be in a group, up to 5 people, who are at a similar level as you.  We will be meeting every other week for 90 minutes, on a set day and time, via Zoom.  Groups are small to allow time for personalized attention and questions to be answered.

There is a set course outline.  Each class will be covering a different aspect of your chosen concentration.

When you complete the entire course, you receive a certificate of completion.  If you show exceptional skill, following the course, you will receive, instead, a certificate deeming you a Certified Practioner in your area of study.

My lengthy background in psychic, mediumship, empath, and angel communications development has prepared me to mentor you as you discover your spiritual gifts and purpose.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Students of mine have gone on to found their own successful careers as professional psychics, mediums, empaths, and angel channels.  This is a great way to turn your gifts and your passion for helping others into a lucrative career.

Classes You Can Choose From:

  1. Psychic Development
  2. Mediumship Development
  3. Empath Development
  4. Angel Channel Development

Investment & Terms

Your investment for each 12 class, 6 month course is just $2,430.  This reflects a 10% discount.

Pay in full, up-front to get the discount.

Or, arrange a payment plan of $450 per month, for six months.  Total cost will be $2,700.   Contact me to arrange this. 

No refunds.  If you decide to leave your mentoring course early, you may apply the balance to another course.

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