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In person or by phone (option to include skype).

For adults, teens, and Crystal/Rainbow children.

You are on a spiritual path, or long to begin. It is widely known that when you are ready, a teacher will appear. I offer my experience, knowledge, and skills to assist you on your own journey with intuitive development classes created for your needs.
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In person, Skype, Zoom or gridMe.

How This Works:

I offer two private classes to teach you Thought Field Therapy.  Each class is one hour in length.

In the Level I class, you learn:

  • Basics of TFT
  • Establishing Safety
  • Therapeutic Tasks
  • Treatment Points
  • Produce to remove emotional attachment to PTSD/traumatic memories
  • Receive a document outlining how to do this on your own following the class
  • Certificate of Completion

In the Level II Class you learn:

  • Advanced techniques for troubleshooting
  • Ending Addictions
  • Putting Phobias in the Past
  • Ending Anxiety
  • Resolving Sexual Issues
  • Stop Negative Self-Concepts & Faulty Beliefs
  • Refining Your Technique
  • Documents to assist you in continuing your practice
  • Certificate deeming you a “Certified Thought Field Therapy Practitioner”

Classes You Can Choose From:

  • Thought Field Therapy – Level I
  • Thought Field Therapy – Level II


Each class is just $150.

You are not required to take Level II, but certification will only be given to those who successfully complete both levels.

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