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In person, or by phone.

These are very powerful forms of healing.

Medical Qigong

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Thought Field Therapy

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In person only.

Medical Qi Gong

Since 1997 I have been a Qi Gong energy healing practitioner. These energy healing sessions work to correct energetic imbalances in your life force, or bio-field by the gentle touch of a few fingers on particular points.

The chakras are cleared and energized to help this vital system and to promote chakra balancing. The acupuncture meridians, chakras and other subtle channels are infused with light and energy to energize and transform the whole energy system.

Sessions can affect all areas of your being:  mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

When Energy Flows Properly

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches when the energy in the body is flowing properly then good health and well-being is the result. I  focus on spiritual healing that helps the mind and body come into energetic balance so the innate healing power of the mind and body can heal itself. I am but a conduit for the energy and believe that each person does their own healing and is their own healer.

You will be fully dressed at all times. Aromatherapy is included at no additional charge. You will find this to be a relaxing experience.

Following your energy healing session, you will need to rest for an hour or so after you leave, and drink a lot of water through the rest of the day. Please plan for this.

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