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In person, by phone, Skype, or gridMe.  I read each of your energies, and your combined energy as a couple.  You can ask questions, or allow me to tune into you and tell you what I see.  I use Archangel Oracle cards to tune into your energy quickly.  Then I receive psychic information as pictures, audio messages, a sense of knowing and a feeling in my body.  Scroll down to read more about this service.


Couple Psychic Reading

You will both be able to draw cards (in person), or I will do it for you via phone/Skype.  Both of you will ask questions.  This allows for an even, thorough reading of your energy as a couple.

I use Angels of Atlantis, Archangel Oracle cards to quickly tune into your energy. Then I use my intuitive skills to get messages for you. They can be in answer to your specific questions, or about different areas of your life.  Ask questions, or I will tune into each of you and you as a couple and see what I get psychically.

The information comes to me as messages I hear, words I see, pictures, mini-movies, a sense of knowing, and physical feelings in my body.  I pass these messages on to you as they come to me.

Your angelic guides will come in at some point during your reading and emphasize the importance of certain intuitive messages, and provide time lines as necessary.

Both of you need to be present (in person, by phone, or Skype) for this reading.  I do not do couple readings without both persons in session with me.

If you wish to record your session, that is fine.  You may do so with a smart phone, a digital recorder, or with a Skype plug-in.

Schedule Couple Psychic Reading with Ivory Here


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