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Basic Energy Clearing for Home, Office or Land
Why Would you Need an Energetic Clearing?

There are many reasons a home or business would benefit from an energetic clearing. Here are some examples:

– Buying or renting a new home or business
– Selling a home
– Arguments, intense emotion, trauma, divorce, illness, death, etc.
_ A pre-teen or teenager with a lot of angst
– Feeling like there is “something” in the house or disturbed sleep
– Feeling like you’d rather not enter your home or office
– Children who see things or are afraid of parts of the home
– Build-up of electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices
– Visitors who left their negative energy or an entity behind
– Unexplained mood shifts, fatigue, or physical pains when in specific rooms
– Animals who behave nervous or erratic
– Old structures or land with an interesting history
– Desire to bring new vitality to a space

My Approach to Energy Clearing-Smudging

My background is unique with 18 years in the field of mental health, 20 years as a paranormal investigator, a professional evidential medium, healer, and angel communicator. I incorporate all of my learned skills in the clearing of energy.

I’ll begin by having you share your intentions for the cleansing and gather any relevant information or experiences from you. From there, I’ll use a combination of smudging with sage, or using essential oils, and powerful prayer to clear away negative energy. I will tune into the energy of your home, office or land to detect anomalies such as a vortex, ley lines, or energetic distortions. Finally, I will share my findings and experience with you, offer suggestions for maintaining the energy, and answer any questions.

After the Clearing

Depending on the source of the disturbance, I will provide you with the items you need to keep your space spiritually protected. If necessary, I will give you instructions for putting down stronger protection. This step is crucial to keep the energy positive and clear.

All materials are included in the price of the clearing.

I am based in Sedona, Arizona, USA. Travel within 150 miles is included in the price listed.

All inclusive base price- $250

Travel over 150 miles, but in-state: Additional fee to be discussed

Travel out of state: Additional fee to be discussed

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