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Rozlyn Reynolds Sedona Psychic MediumRozlyn Reynolds ~ Psychic Mystic

Rozlyn is a lifelong psychic/mystic whose gifts were evident from birth and childhood, and during her 40 plus years of professional experience have been verified and documented by client experience in testimonials. Due to her high level of accuracy, she has clients who have remained loyal for decades.

Rozlyn's gifts include:
Clairvoyance (clear visioning, able to see forward and backward in time)
Clairaudience (hearing in multiple dimensional fields outside the normal range)
Clairailience (the ability to experience smells from multiple dimensional fields)
Clairsentience (the ability to read people, animals, circumstances, events}
Claircognizance (knowing information received psychically is accurate and correct)

Because of these documented abilities, Rozlyn is able to offer a wide range of services.

  • Paranormal Event(s) Consultation ~ I can help people who are awakening to other dimensional fields and realities.
  • Psychometry and Remote viewing ~ reading objects and locations by putting her hands on items Roz can provide psychic information. She has the ability to see and describe locations and events in places she has never been nor has knowledge of their history through normal means.
  • Mediumship with spirits, multiple dimensional beings, pets, and Angelic presences.
  • Animal communication.
  • Medical words that appear to Roz which you can take to your health practitioner for guidance and treatment.
  • Energetic clearing of pain and health blockages in the auric toroidal grid frequencies around our body to assist in promoting recovery and healing.
  • Readings which include Akashic record information about your current and past life history~Roz "tunes in" to the electric and electromagnetic frequencies around your physical body (the auric energy field, what you see in an aura photo) and a stream of information comes through to her on a "screen". Roz experiences this with her eyes, mind, heart, and spirit, not unlike watching a power point presentation but with emotions, during which she receives clarity through the five gifts.
  • On-site or distance land and building analysis, (including dowsing with her hands or a pendulum) to offer insight into paranormal and physics related situations and issues. If there is retained spirit presence or activities clearings are available.
  • Intuition development mentoring, either in person, via Skype or phone, for clients who have unexplored gifts they would like to enhance and expand.
  • Assisting indigo and crystal children experiencing a high volume of psychic events, experiences, and abilities.


30 minutes ~ $110.00
40 minutes ~ $135.00
60 minutes ~ $200.00

Clearings of lands/buildings of retained spirit energies or low frequency, dark energy presences ~ per quote. This will be based on the issues and what energies are retained in the present. If travel is required it will be included on a time basis.


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  1. Ed Movius


    Hello everyone! We hope you like our new online booking system. Let us know what you think here in the comments. Thank you and happy booking!

  2. Bryan


    Rozlyn is very thorough in her readings. Exceed my expectations. I would definitely recommend her services to friends and family.

  3. Dee


    Hi Roslyn
    I am interested in doing a zoom reading if that is possible. Could you please give me more info on how this works? Thanks so much.

  4. Nancy


    I just saw u on tv 2-3 nights ago on a paranormal tv show, what was the show called? Thank you

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