Business Reading ~ Insights & Guidance

40-minute minimum. Available in person, by phone or Zoom Video Conferencing.

Sometimes when making decisions about options and directions for your business in the times ahead, it's good to have the information provided through psychic channels.

I have a long history of successfully receiving information that can help you chart your course.

Many of my clients are CEO's or COO's, entrepreneurs and working professionals in many career fields including administrative, scientific, medical, coaching & mentoring - the list is diverse.

Many of these sessions provide completely new information and many sessions confirm what the client already senses. Either way, it provides a touchstone of information brought to you to serve your needs.

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"I cannot speak highly enough for the accurate and extremely insightful consultations I've received from Roz over the past 10 years. I am a serial entrepreneur, and Roz has given me keen foresights and information I would otherwise not have, to help me make overall strategic business decisions over the years.

Most recently she has been advising me on my International Search and Rescue software company and we have gone from a two man operation to being recognized by officials at the federal level, state level, and international search and rescue teams from the UN. I can't thank Roz enough for her ability to tune into current situations and people that have turned out all true for me thus far.

I highly recommend her services and encourage you to keep an open mind and heart."

Alex Y.

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