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is a process of being guided in the development of your innate intuitive skills and abilities. Everyone has a sixth sense, but many people have an intuitive ability far greater than they realize. I also call this mentoring process “intuitive coaching” because it guides you on how to recognise what you are sensing, seeing and feeling. At a truly deep level, being your mentor is about us tuning in together and allowing your psychic abilities to manifest.

This process of using these abilities, because they are part of your sixth sense, is innate and once you begin to let this energy flow you will find it feels very natural, because it IS. You came here with it!

Our five senses and our sixth sense work independently but they also work in tandem. in other words your 5 conscious senses hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching are supplemented by your 6th unconscious intuitive sense which is sensing what is around you energetically and also receiving information. A great part of developing your 6th sense requires you relaxing into it, and knowing how to allow it to come through. This is where I intervene to help you, because when I tune in on the frequencies around you, I can feel your frequencies and abilities. In many cases you have blocked these abilities for decades. I will help identify these blocks and guide you through a process to dissolve them to allow your 6th sense abilities to fully develop.

It's really like turning a key and opening a door. Most people have resistance to this idea because they have so much fear of what it may create or will they see or experience things that are frightening. This is truly about learning to control and allow these gifts.

During this time of awakening to your intuitive gifts, it is more important than ever to realize that your ability to keep yourself calm and balanced, to tune into higher frequencies and sense and feel the information you receive.

Also, connecting with your guidance who will always be there to serve you is crucial. You need a “clear channel” to successfully put the information you receive to use.

This is a very individualized process based on your unique gifts. It is not a class and it does not have a curriculum because your gifts determine how we work and what we develop. It allows you to process information you’re receiving and clarify the message.

Mentoring with RozlynMentoring with Rozlyn - 6 sessions $349 (save $101)


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