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Psychic Reading with Rozlyn

Available in person, by phone or Zoom Video Conferencing.

Your information has a relevant purpose for your life now; I am just the messenger, not the message. It’s your information to utilize as you wish and need to; your path, while there are some things that are on it that you will have to deal with as it opens to you, is about managing issues of destiny and your personal choices and responsibilities. Your intuitive, spiritual, emotional and psychological guidance systems are more necessary in today’s world than ever before, and readings provide one valuable source of information to help you.

Psychic readings can be conducted in person, by telephone, or online via Skype or GridMe. The usual process is that I “tune into” your energy frequency, like a radio antenna, and the information begins to come out. I recommend that you have specific questions in mind, and the power of your energy field will generally bring these things forth during the reading, but once the reading begins there will usually be a stream of information touching on many aspects of your life.

If specific information you wanted isn’t revealed for you, I will ask for your specific questions you have and see what comes into the frequency of your energetic field. At times the information you want is not provided, and if I’m not receiving it, I’ll tell you so. It’s been my experience that there is usually a reason for a lack of information to appear.

For those of you who have never had a reading, a good measurement for what time is necessary is the following:

  • A 30 minute session is a fairly comprehensive reading.
  • A 60 minute reading affords you a complete process of a full reading and a few questions after.

While I try to spend as much time with each client to afford them full information, my schedule is frequently booked back to back during busy times. Please consider how much information you are truly seeking before selecting the session duration, because many times clients ask me to extend and I am unable to do so.

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BethAnne Kapansky Wright (verified owner)

I’ve been working with Roz since March of 2016. Over the last few years she’s been a touchstone and a guide for my journey. Her psychic gifts are keen, intelligent, and most often spot on. In addition, her years of experience in working with her gifts, and in working with clients, have given her a wealth of wisdom and spiritual knowledge, which brings great depth, compassion, and understanding to her sessions. I greatly appreciate her presence in my life as a light post on the path, and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance and illumination.


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