Rozlyn Reynolds ~ Remote Viewing

Available in person, by phone or Zoom Video Conferencing.
Remote Viewing is the ability to see things from great distances away, both in time and space. It allows me to see and sense what is or has happened to a piece of land, what is underneath that land and how the earth’s energies interact with that land (a form of dowsing), what is inside buildings currently in terms of energy, in the future and in the past, people and animals’ bodies. While most people think of remote viewing as something pretty sci-fi, to me it is the ability to allow my mind to move out of the confines of the space and time we are in and travel to another dimensional area while my body remains behind.

During readings, remote viewing enables me to see locations far from mine and describe them in some detail. Some people feel this has to do with tapping into the energy of the person you’re helping, but I know this is not the case since I can actually feel my psychic sixth sense rising up and separating to see the place, seeing into the body of the client or pet to be shown the problems that exist to work toward solving the issue or seeing from far above or inside a building. I also sometimes can see and read documents, pictures or feel the psychometric energies of things I see in distant locations. I consider remote viewing to be an important part of reading and tuning into the information field while I’m working with you.


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