Praise For Terri Ann!

“Terri Ann is an incredibly intuitive and is able to channel some very deep theta and Reiki healing. I experienced my first Distance Reiki session from her as a receiver and I was amazed! I highly recommend Terri. She has a beautiful heart and spirit.” From Kerri Wade.

“Terri-Ann is an incredibly gifted intuitive healer. She is a gift to the planet with her abilities as a Reiki healer, as well as her compassion and capacity to tune in to the essence of a person’s soul. I feel so much more completely at home in my body through working with her, and I am truly grateful to her for providing the service to humanity that she does. I have awakened to my own truth through working with her.” From Jenna Zhu.

“I had an Energy Transfer Reset session with Terri-Ann last week. She has awesome energy and we had a great session. The ETR was really wonderful. During our session, she put a capsule of protection around me and as soon as she finished, I felt an energy that I didn’t realize was there, lift away. I feel like it’s no coincidence I was able to make some changes in my life since that I have been truly struggling with for months. Thank you for the wonderful session!” From Tara W.