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Activating Your Merkaba

activating your merkaba, the sedona soul sisters show
activating your merkaba, the sedona soul sisters show
The Merkaba Symbol

What is a Merkaba?

Activating your Merkaba can happen in a variety of ways.  But let’s start with what Merkaba means.  The word Merkaba is composed of three words:

  • Mer, which means light
  • Ka, which means spirit
  • Ba, which means body

When you put these words together, you get a body surrounded by light. The Merkaba symbol is a shape of a star tetrahedron. It is known to be a divine vehicle made up entirely of light. The Merkaba is designed to transport the spirit and body to higher realms.

The History Behind It

Ancient Jewish texts reveal that the word Merkaba is Hebrew for the word chariot. The Bible tells us that the word Merkaba is found in the Old Testament 44 times. So it is well documented.

When your Merkaba is activated, it radiates light energy and links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It does this electromagnetically.

How to Program Your Merkaba

You can use letters, visions, symbols and other expressions of Light Language. This is the source of all languages used in the world. All of these methods of programming are tiedd to our logical side of the brain. Only use them if you truly know what the symbols and energies behind them mean.

It’s better to simply connect to Creator (God) and give permission to have all of the energies you need channeled through you. This is done without connecting the energy to any certain symbol.

Here is a way to do that:

* Sit comfortably and relax. Be in the moment.
* Envision a tube of light that begins at the Creator (God), goes through your body and ends in the heart of Mother Earth.
* Send love from your heart to God and Mother Earth.
* Feel the love coming back to you from Creator (God) and Mother Earth.
* See the love you receive and your own love unifying in your heart chakra.
* Ask your bodies, in all dimensions, to center themselves around that love in your heart chakra.
* From that love, in your mind draw the Flower of Infinity symbol. Have every left start from the love in your Heart Chakra and end in it.
* When you have drawn the entire Flower in your mind, your Merkaba will be open.

It’s best to do this intuitively. Focus your attention on your Merkaba and make a request. Be careful not to limit your Merkaba in the way in works. Simply give it a vision or a specific thing you want. Then let your Merkaba make it come true for you in the manner it feels is best.

You can say “Merkaba, please heal me”, or “Dear Merkaba, bring balance into my mind and life.”

Making Copies of Your Merkaba

You can make copies of your Merkaba to receive assistance in more than one request at a time. Say, “Merkaba, please make a copy of yourself and position it around my home. I ask that you balance the energies both inside and outside the home. Please bring abundance to all within so they always have what they need.”

Use your activated Merkaba to manifest what you want in your life.  Whether it is for your health, relationships, or career.

Helping the Planet

You can also use your Merkaba to help the planet. We need a lot of planetary assistance right now. You can say something like, “Merkaba, please make a copy of yourself and position it so that it surrounds Earth. Bring healing, peacy, and abundance to all who live on this planet.”

It is not recommended that you position your Merkaba around objects that carry negative energy. This is because these copies remain connected to you, so you will feel the energy of each copy.

Spontaneous Activation

Activating your Merkaba does not always require you try to make it happen.  Some people will see their Merkaba when it activates. It appears as a three-dimensional model of the star shaped Tetrahedron. When you see this, it will be spinning in place. You will feel the powerful energy coming from your Merkaba.

This type of activation is more likely to occur for those who have been on an intense, long-term spiritual journey. Your frequency raised to a level which automatically activated your Merkaba.

What to Know More?

We did a show on the topic of Activating Your Merkaba on the Sedona Soul Sisters Show. Here is how to listen or watch:

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The Merkaba Symbol

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