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ending the reincarnation process

End the Reincarnation Process

Why do we reincarnate? You may be looking at ways to end the reincarnation process, but there is a critical purpose to reincarnating.  Each lifetime is an opportunity to learn lessons, end negative cycles, improve ourselves as a person and spiritually. It is our human self that leads us to want to stop the cycle.  We say things like, “I’m never coming back.”  But the truth is our Higher Self looks at the experiences very differently. Looking at it from a Higher Self Perspective We are presented with challenges that offer a chance to see our shortcomings better.  The more difficult it is, the harder it is to

the sirians

The Sirians

Who Are the Sirians? The Sirians are a peaceful, innovative and loving race.  Sirians originate from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B.  Both planets are located within the Canis Major, commonly called the Dog Star constellation. They come to our planet to assist us in raising the frequency of the human race.  Their desire is to lift us out of the dense energy we are mired in currently, so we may become a more fully functioning member of the Galactic Council. Their History It is said that the Sirians interacted with Ancient Egypt.  They helped them to develop the Great Pyramids.  Their new technology and vast knowledge