The Purpose Of A Pychic Reading

The Purpose Of A Psychic Reading

I was recently contacted by a potential client who wanted to get a sense of what information would be available in a psychic reading and what the benefit would be. This was somewhat thought provoking for me, because I think of myself as a radio antennae and tune into receive frequencies of information. I started thinking about the things that I tell clients who have never had a psychic reading before when they are in my office. Helping people understand how this information benefits them is an important part of making the decision to seek a psychic reading. As we move through our lives, we are faced with

Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships There is so much information on twin flame relationships now, much of which is inaccurate and can become confusing. Most twin flame relationships start, powerfully and unexpectedly. Frequently, the people experiencing the effects of this powerful energy connection find that many of the traits of their twin flame are not what they would normally be attracted to, or seek out. Their mutual attraction is like a fiery, all-consuming passion they have never experienced before. They feel obsessed with their twin flame and are magnetically pulled together by passion and simultaneously pushed apart by the fear of vulnerability in this powerful emotional whirlwind. The purpose of