Detox Foot Baths Work

Warning!  The photos below are not for the faint of heart.  Read the post before scrolling down to view them. The Skeptic in Me I have been hearing about ionic detox foot baths for years.  The skeptic in me thought it was a total scam.  That there was no way a person can detox through their feet.  I thought the stuff in the water was put there by someone for the photos. Then Roz, one of our partners here, told me that her sweetie was purchasing an ionic detox foot bath system for Sedona Soul Sisters.  She told me about her previous experiences with these detox foot baths,

ancient healing benefits

Alternative Healing Benefits

How The Ancients Healed Long before the field of medicine was created, ancient peoples healed themselves with plants, and touch. Those ancient techniques are considered alternative healing methods in the western world.  The modern world has many conveniences, but it also has many stressors.  Most people have become disconnected from their own body, and nature.  Not only do we carry the stress of today, but old tensions and trauma that have built up over the years. When something new comes out in health care, people are generally slow to embrace it.  This was true of massage therapy, and chiropractic care.  Now those modalities have gone mainstream and most