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More Empaths Emerging

More Empaths Emerging

Why are More Empaths Emerging? Being a true Empath used to be a rare gift.  Meaning those who can feel another person’s feelings in their own body.  However, over the past couple of years many more empaths than usual are making themselves know. Many people are coming to see me, overwhelmed by these strong emotions.  A number of them feel a need to isolate to avoid receiving so much information.  But why are there so many Empaths emerging now? There is Purpose Behind This This thought came to me suddenly and was completely out of context from my thought process, so I knew it was an angelic message. 

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Empath Protection Guidance

Stuck on Receive If you are an empath, like I am, you know how difficult it is to live your life without being overly affected by the emotions of others.  It is possible to get a grip on this with some empath protection guidance. You can turn down what you receive, and learn to avoid much of the negative emotions that assault you.  I am going to take you through the steps I used to take control of my empathic abilities and live a happier life.  This is part of the spiritual protection that you need daily. Empath Protection This situation is about a special ability you have