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Clinical Alchemy

For assistance with your health call Sarah Akala clinical alchemist

Sarah Akala – Clinical Alchemist

Reshaping Ourselves for the New Year

Every New Year,  I seek to improve my health, generate balance, and find new inspiration for the year ahead.  Experience has taught me this journey is made possible if we follow some simple steps to achieving our goals.

Setting Realistic Goals

First, we begin by looking honestly at where we’re at.  Then at what’s a manageable commitment for us to achieve. I have experienced the ups and downs of creating unrealistic goals that didn’t fit into the reality of my everyday life.  Which resulted in failure and loss of self esteem.  This led back to the habits I was looking to shed in the first place.
Second, is to do little projects that reinforce your goals. I find it very helpful to write a manifesto; or to form vision boards and spend some time contemplating it every day.  Staying active and enthusiastic is a key to success.

Treat Yourself With Kindness

Third is to be kind and gentle with yourself, if you have a set-back of any size, don’t let it give way to an excuse to quit what you are trying to accomplish. Just lovingly reconnect with your goal and your higher self who wants the very best for you always.

How Clinical Alchemy Fits Into This

In my clinical alchemy practice, I use Spagyric Essences, which are alchemically prepared herbal and mineral formulas
.  They are created in our Sedona laboratory. These powerful essences have a profound effect on mind, body, and spirit.  They accelerate your multidimensional healing, and inner awareness,thus creating deep lasting change.
My expertise is in hormonal health, depression, weight balance, and healing the limbic system. I have many years of experience helping women find gentle and balanced paths to true integrative health.

Blessings for You

I look forward to getting to know you in this new year!
May you be blessed with joy, faith, contentment, and knowledge in this year and the years to come!

By Sarah Akala

(805) 280-3626   Or email

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