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Detox Foot Baths Work

detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Baths are Transforming

Warning!  The photos below are not for the faint of heart.  Read the post before scrolling down to view them.

The Skeptic in Me

I have been hearing about ionic detox foot baths for years.  The skeptic in me thought it was a total scam.  That there was no way a person can detox through their feet.  I thought the stuff in the water was put there by someone for the photos.

Then Roz, one of our partners here, told me that her sweetie was purchasing an ionic detox foot bath system for Sedona Soul Sisters.  She told me about her previous experiences with these detox foot baths, and assured me that it was for real.  Roz and her sweetie, Ed, have high integrity and I trust them implicitly.  For this reason, I was open to Ed’s suggestion that all four of us get 14 detox foot baths, one every three days.

The Detox Foot Baths Project Begins

Roz and I put the bamboo charcoal belts around our waists and plugged into the Life Detox machine.  Then we slid our forearms into the wristbands and plugged those into the machine too.  We put our feet into our respective foot baths.  The water was very warm and crystal clear.

Ed put the array into our water, which completes the circuit.  He adjusted the saline content of the water to reach the ideal levels and left us to relax for an hour.  Not five minutes passed before I saw rust colored sediment floating in and on the water.  Soon a distinct green tinge formed throughout the water.  At the end of the hour, I had about 1/4″ of rust and black sediment in the bottom of my foot bath.  It was not pretty.

Prepare Yourself

Each time I had my detox foot bath the water was different.  Different variations of rust, which is the joints detoxing; green, which can be gallbladder, liver, or kidney detox; white floating spots, which is lymph detox, and black sediment, which is metals. That last one excited me as I was exposed to Dioxin in my childhood and really want that out of my cells.

On treatment #10, I was sick with bronchitis.  I still had a low-grade fever, difficulty breathing, and very low energy. I considered skipping my detox foot bath that day, but am very glad I did not.  At the end of the hour, my water looked like pure nastiness (see photo below), but my energy was much revived.  I had color in my face again, a little spark in my eyes, and it was the turning point in my illness.

detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Bath Done When I was Sick

It looks awful, but the good news it is no longer in my organs, joints, or cells. I do not want this stuff in me.

Into the Home Stretch

Today I received detox foot bath #13.  Just one to go.  I am feeling really well physically, but do not fool yourself.  That does not mean that all of the dis-eases in your body has been pulled out.

Roz and I have noticed that the more of these detox foot baths we have, the more is pulled out.  It is as if the body gets used to the process and opens itself to detox better.  At the end of the hour today, I looked at my water one last time and was surprised to see it was black, with a green tinge.

Scroll down to see the next photo.

detox foot baths work Sedona Soul Sisters 928-282-2243

Detox Foot Bath #13 of 14

Healing My Body and Mind

The healing has been amazing.  I feel lighter by the treatment, more balanced, happier, and was able to move fully past a traumatic experience.  I find myself finishing projects that I simply had no energy to do, and things that would have upset me in the past are a mere bump in the road now.  That is the mental and emotional healing I experienced.  But it goes further.

I had chronic left hip pain, which is gone.  My neuropathy, which is related to my exposure to Dioxin, has reduced.  I lost weight without changing my diet or exercise program. I have a lot more energy and feel my old zest for life again.  That was something I really missed.

Going Forward

While Ed initially suggested this series of detox foot baths for us because he heard that psychics and mediums need it more often than the general public, I now believe that everyone needs this.

Our world is highly polluted with chemicals, and we all have some pain and trauma in our life.  These things are stored in your body.  Read the testimonials that people wrote about the system Ed uses here at Sedona Soul Sisters.

Set an appointment for yourself on our website.  You will be amazed at how it improves you on every level.  I can now say with certainty that detox foot baths work!


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