Earth Healing ProjectBefore we even opened Sedona Soul Sisters, our angelic guides were asking us to organize major healing events for Earth. They indicated that healing the water of the Earth is where we must begin. Once we began thinking planning an event here in Sedona, logistics quickly became an issue. Recently, we received insight that it is more important that the healing take place soon and regularly than that it happen here in Sedona. This is how the Earth Healing Project was born.

This project honors the work of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto who discovered the healing affect that loving words, thoughts, and energy have on water. Since adults humans are 70% water, and human babies are about 90% water, this worldwide healing will be healing humans and all sentient beings as well. Read more about Dr. Emoto’s work here:

Join us and be a part of healing every drop of water on the planet, healing it’s people and all sentient beings.
We have a special guided meditation video for this project on YouTube you can watch and listen to as you assist in healing the waters of our beautiful planet. Here is the link:

The music is Canon in D by Pachelbel, classical music which Dr. Emoto found had a particularly healing effect on water. The words you will hear repeated in this guided meditation, such as “Peace”, “I love you”, and “Thank you”, were discovered to be extremely healing to water. Please say them out loud as you hear them on the video. This will send even more healing energy to our suffering waters.

Our intention is to heal every drop of water on the planet. So we will be sending our combined healing energies to the rain, to streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. This will have a positive affect on you as well. No doubt you will feel your vibrations rising as you listen and join your energy with that of all of the people across the world who will be joining in.

The Earth Water Healing Project started Sunday August 6th 2016 and continues every Sunday at 4 pm PT. Join us with other healers, Lightworkers, and concerned citizens of the planet as we join energies to heal the water of Earth, humans, and all sentient beings.

Together, we can make a difference.