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Empath Protection Guidance

Learn more about how to protect your empath self with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Learn More About Protecting Yourself with Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Stuck on Receive

If you are an empath, like I am, you know how difficult it is to live your life without being overly affected by the emotions of others.  It is possible to get a grip on this with some empath protection guidance.

You can turn down what you receive, and learn to avoid much of the negative emotions that assault you.  I am going to take you through the steps I used to take control of my empathic abilities and live a happier life.  This is part of the spiritual protection that you need daily.

Empath Protection

This situation is about a special ability you have to feel what others feel.  Would you be surprised to hear that you do not have to feel everything all of the time?  It’s true.  Every day, start by following the actions and mantra below:

Hold both hands at the level of the top of your head, with palms flat, facing down.  As you say the words below, slowly move your hands down to your hip level, then out to the sides.

I am shutting down my upper chakras,

and opening my root chakra.

Say this 3 times, repeating the hand movements.  Envision doors closing firmly to your upper chakras, and then a root coming down from your root chakra deep into the Earth.

This allows you to start your day feeling only your own feelings.  You can reverse this process if you need to be open to do a reading or provide another service that requires your empathic skill.

Set Boundaries

You can set boundaries with your empathic ability that will reduce the amount of negative emotion you are exposed to.   Here are the specific ways you can do this:

  • Avoid watching the news- they focus on negativity and chaos.  It is designed to cause feelings of fear and hopelessless.
  • Avoid watching or reading anything that is violent or scary.  When you watch or read things that are violent/scary, it changes your vibrations to a discordant vibration, and the feelings of fear brought up by what you see/read, affects your emotions dramatically.
  • Shield yourself by repeating the movements/mantra provided above when you need to go to a crowded place of any kind.  You need to be sure your chakras are prepared so you can enjoy yourself.
  • Stop trying to save everyone-  That is not why you are here or why you were given this ability.  You are here to help people, but it is not your task to save the world.  Be discerning about who you help, how you help, and your own welfare.
  • Cut ties with toxic people- Some people affect you so negatively that you cannot afford to be around them.  The effects will last far beyond the actual time you are with them.  These people deplete your energy.  If they are family, drastically reduce the amount of time you are around them, and the conditions that you will be around them in.

Ivory LaNoue

Fill Your Soul

It is important that you remember to do what fills your soul.   As an empath, you give a lot of yourself to others.  This can lead to your “battery” being drained.

Make time to do the things that give you joy and recharge your spirit.  Spend some time outdoors regularly, try grounding or what my friend Janet and I call watering, which involves suspending your bare feet in fresh running water.

Enjoy your hobbies, make music, dance, express yourself, spend time with friends who lift you up.

What a Difference

Before I implemented these changes, I felt trapped by my ability to feel other’s emotions.  On day one of making these changes, I experienced a turn-around.  I could go to crowded stores and events with no problem at all.  My overall mood lifted, and I was able to focus even better in my readings.

Put these proven steps to the test for yourself and come back to leave a comment.  I want to know how you are doing 2-4 weeks into this empath protection guidance program.

Ivory LaNoue

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