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How Energy Clearing and Balancing Facilitates Our Healing

Energy HealingRecently I was doing an intuitive reading for a client. I could sense and see in her Akashic record some specific ages during her childhood and youth when she experienced intense trauma that needed energy clearing, balancing and healing.

When I told her what I was seeing and the various ages they occurred, she looked puzzled. Children rarely remember how intense and what form the traumatic events took during their experience. Once we see it in the format of an energy reading we have the opportunity to clear and release.

We hold on to pain, disappointment, fear, doubt, and regret that occurred in our emotional young age. Unbeknown to us, these events keep our heart from healing and moving forward and our spirit from flying free in joy.

At this point, I gave her a piece of Rose Quartz to hold in her hand. Rose quartz is one of the crystals of the heart Chakra and can help people who are experiencing heartache.


No matter what event or emotional trauma occurred, it leaves an energy blockage in our energy field. And whatever age we were when it happened, the body, mind, and spirit retains that energy. Unless we decide to work through it and release the remains of what happened.

Then I told her that her life goals and desires were being made difficult to accomplish and achieve. Mainly because she had closed down her reception to allowing herself to receive and be open. She was afraid of the pain and huge disappointment of those events long ago.

In other words, she was blocked primarily because she was still stuck in the emotions of those events that happened decades ago.

Clearing, Balancing And Healing

I suggested we begin a clearing and balancing process during her session. I felt this would help her heal the emotional wounds of her childhood events by helping her to allow herself to release the stored energy she had retained.

She hesitated a moment before she agreed. When I began clearing and removing the stored energy we could both feel the heaviness of her sadness lifting. This is achieved by requesting high-frequency white light energy be sent through me by our guardian angels, guides and loving masters.

I was sitting at my desk across my small office from my client who was sitting on the couch.

I did not feel called to use the crystal healing rods as I sometimes do. Suddenly the quiet of my office was broken by a loud “clink”. One of the double terminated clear quartz rods I keep in a glass vase on my desk moved without being touched!

Angelic Guidance

We were both stunned and commented on what happened since neither of us was near the rod. After a moment, she closed her eyes as I extended my hands out in front of me to continue the clearing and balancing. And then the quartz rod went “clink” as it moved again!

I have never had any of those crystal rods move on their own accord. So I knew this was our angelic guides intervening and telling us what was needed to help her move forward.

It was a surprising moment for us both, and I gave thanks that although I didn’t feel the need to use them, it was obvious they would help her.

I picked up the clinking crystal rod and held in my hand. Clear Quartz crystals have a very high vibrational energy field. The white light energy being directed by our angels and guides through the quartz crystal to amplify the healing energies.

As the energy flow intensifies, the quartz crystal becomes charged and radiates this energy in the form of heat. Both of us also became very warm from this high-frequency energy after a couple of minutes.

The Painful Knee

We continued the process of clearing, peeling away the years of pain, sorrow and childhood grief she held in her heart. We were dissolving the disappointment of her young life that was thrown into insecurity and heartbreak.

I could feel she was also experiencing some actual physical pain. I felt the pain concentration in her knee, I asked her if she had an old or recent injury there. She confirmed that she had a recent skiing injury. She and her doctors were waiting to see if it would heal on its own before considering surgery.

Removing Pain Energy

Clearing the energy concentration we feel at an injury site can help facilitate managing pain and allowing the body to work toward healing itself.

After a few moments, I asked her how she was feeling and she was appreciative of receiving some pain relief. I was also guided to remind her to pursue what her doctors had suggested for her skiing injury. The recommended healing modality would now be of benefit because the pain energy had been re-balanced.

I said I’m not a psychologist or a psychotherapist, I am a psychic and this is what I see. Then I suggested she may want to seek the services of a professional counselor to help her continue the healing process.

She said that when she returned home she would be able to continue working on both her physical and emotional recovery with her healthcare providers.

The Recovery Process

The physical body wants to repair itself when we are not well due to injury or illness. We are a body, mind and spirit being. Our desire to recover from physical and emotional injury connects us with our higher consciousness. This connection, in turn, becomes a flowing stream of healing white light energy that connects us with our angels and master guides.

Surrendering to that streaming energy flow of love and healing is an important element of this process. You are connecting with your loving angels, guides and creator God to facilitate your mind, body and spirit recovery.

Ask your angels, guides and creator God to assist during and after this process for your continued healing. While you work with your medical practitioners, ask to be guided to and surrounded with the white light of healing love.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I have clients, friends and family who have experienced what I call my clearing and balancing process. The effects are powerful and palpable. I am honored to offer this service in person, by phone or Skype.

I am also happy to offer a written version of my clearing and balancing process which I downloaded during prayer 30 years ago. This is a process I use daily to raise my frequency and allow me to be of service to others. If you feel a need or desire to use this process yourself, it is available for free by entering your email address below.

Many blessings,


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