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Energy Vortices

energy vortices

energy vortices

Energy Vortices

Sedona, Arizona is known for several things.  One of them are the powerful energy vortices in the area.  You may be wondering what they are.  An energy vortex is a place where energy is concentrated at a specific point.

Energy vortices are located in a variety of places around the world.  Here are several sacred sites that are believed to be energy vortices:

  • Stonehenge in England
  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • The Pyramids in Egypt
  • Uluru in Australia
  • Sedona in the southwest region of the United States

How They Function

Energy swirls from the energy vortices up or down.  It moves in a cone shaped pattern.  It’s thought that this swirling energy affects people or animals which are close to it.

At these powerful points, energy is either entering the planet or emanating out of earth’s plane.

Masculine Feminine

It is said that energy vortices strengthen either the feminine side, the masculine, or act as a balance of the two.  The vortices which strengthen the feminine side heighten characteristics such as:

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Releasing of Old Wounds

The vortices which strengthen the masculine side help with traits like:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Reasoning
  • Decisiveness

What They Feel Like

Some people report feeling the energy as a steady pulse or vibration when they touch the vortex area, or are simply near it.  Others do not feel anything at the time, but later notice particular qualities strengthening with themselves.

Vortices in Sedona

Here are the seven primary energy vortices in Sedona, Arizona.  You will see which are feminine, masculine, or neutral.

  • Cathedral Rock- Feminine
  • Airport Mesa- Masculine
  • Bell Rock- Neutral
  • Boynton Canyon- Neutral
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross- Feminine
  • Courthouse Butte– Masculine
  • Schnebly Hill- Feminine

Want to Know More?

We covered this topic more in depth on The Sedona Soul Sisters Show.  It’s not too late to learn more.

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