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Finding Your Spiritual Mission

Call Ivory Angelic to discover your spiritual mission 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic helps you to discover your mission 928-282-2243

What is My Mission?

That is a question I am asked frequently.  I remember that same question looming large in my own mind.  The direct answer will not come from a reading, though I can give you intuitive guidance about the next step toward your spiritual mission.  Understand that the journey itself is crucial to preparing you to be successful in your mission.

So how can you make progress in finding your spiritual mission?  I have come up with some practical methods for you to explore, so you get to your mission, or purpose, faster.

Finding Your Spiritual Mission

  1. Go back to your childhood.  What did you want to be back then?  What were your passions?  Not the silly ones like my 10-year-old dream of driving big rigs so I could eat hamburgers while I drive.  What did you love doing? You may have given it up due to negative feedback from the adults in your life.  You may have chosen to give it up, thinking you needed to be more practical.  Give this some thought and see what you come up with.  Quite a few people know exactly what they want to do and be, at a very early age.
  2. Examine what gives you joy now.  Make a list of activities, hobbies, places, things that give you a feeling of joy and satisfaction.  If one of them is your mission, you will feel something in your soul as you write it.  Allow your mind to open up a file that has been closed to you.
  3. Listen to your angelic guides and watch for the signs they provide to you.  These signs can be verbal, written, or symbolic.  Synchronicity signs are one of the main ways your angelic guides get your attention and help you to see something important.  These signs can lead you to the next step.  It really is all about following the signs to the next thing you are lead to do/try/learn.

If You Still Have Not Found Your Spiritual Mission

4.  Pay attention to what you are being lead to.  This comes back to signs.  Your angelic guides will lead you to go places, meet people, learn things, try things.  These are the skills and knowledge they know you will require to fulfill your mission.  So do not fight these urges.  If it is at all possible for you to follow them, do so.

5.  Reflect on your relationships and jobs.  Nothing was a mistake and no time was wasted.  List the lessons or skills you learned in each of those relationships and jobs.  You may see a pattern building that helps you to finally see what you have been trained for throughout your life.

Putting the Pieces Together

The process of finding your spiritual mission is very much like putting together an intricate puzzle.  You find pieces along the way.  Occasionally you see how two, or more, of those pieces fit together.  A picture begins to form.  When that picture is nearing completion, you will have a good idea of what your mission is.  When the puzzle is complete, you will awaken to your mission and have no doubts.  You will move ahead confidently, and joyously into the mission you came here to do.

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Call Ivory Angelic to discover your mission 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

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