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Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue, is an Angel Communicator, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Mentor. She is the author of Let Your Angels Lead, available on Amazon.  Ivory is a long time central Arizona resident with a deep love for the beauty and variety of the state.

Training & Experience

Since the mid 90’s, Ivory has been a professional psychic. She studied with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for mediumship. Ivory LaNoue obtained her Master level Reiki practitioner status in 1996 and has given thousands of people healing since that time. She studied Medical Gigong Energy Healing with Jan Kennedy, PhD in 1999.  Though she no longer does Qigong, she offers angelic healing services.

Seeing Angels & Spirits

The root of Ivory’s journey to her mission was seeing angels and spirit from a very young age. They have appeared to her and spoken with her since she was age 2. In 1986, Ivory had a powerful spiritual awakening in 1984. This set her on an intense spiritual journey which continues to this day.

Professional Background

Her background is in the field of mental health. She managed the mental health program for Yavapai County (central Arizona). Ivory spent 18 years working with low-income and homeless mentally ill persons.

Before she entered the field of mental health, she worked in radio. Ivory hosted an entertainment talk show which won awards with the Associated Press. She was awarded an honorary Purple Heart for her service to veterans, via her talk show.

Talk Show Host

Recently, Ivory hosts The Angel Room, a podcast.  It is live on Sundays at noon Arizona time on Zoom.  She discusses angels, Archangels, spirituality, metaphysics, healing and sometimes has expert guests join her.

Currently, Ivory co-hosts The Sedona Soul Sisters Show with her business partner, Rozlyn Reynolds and the other practitioners of her business.

For two years Ivory LaNoue hosted a spirituality radio show called “Ivory Angelic”, as part of the “Journey into the Light” network on blogtalkradio. You can listen to archived shows here.

Ivory’s website:


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