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Jennifer is originally from the east coast, where her interest in horses began as a young child and quickly turned into a passion. While living in the Sedona, AZ area for 22 years, she discovered her healing abilities as an Animal Communicator/Intuitive, Animal Reiki Practitioner and Equestrian Life Coach.
She is an international Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Practitioner. As well as an instructor of animal communication and reiki.
Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with Equine and Business minors, was a Veterinary Technician for 20 years, and is a certified Large Animal Emergency Technician (AERO).
Jennifer is a gifted animal communicator and she is highly recommended! Click here to view how to set up an animal communication session with Jennifer.

Astrology Readings with Sondra’ya Walking Star. She did my chart last year and it was extremely detailed and helpful. What she saw would happen did happen. Sondra’ya was the official astrologist for the live show my business had last year. She is warm, caring, and beautifully eloquent. Visit Sondra’ya’s website here.

This is a Sedona area based business. The owners are lightworkers with a mission to upcycle wine bottles and other containers into holders of natural candles scented with essential oils. When the candle is gone, you have a drinking glass. These candles smell so good! Visit The Upcycled Candle Co’s website here.

Spirit Kid teaches you how to develop your child’s well-being by integration of his mind, body and soul. The author of the book and creator of this website is Susan H. McAuslan M.Ed. NBCT. Susan has dedicated her life to working with children and parents. Ivory knows Susan personally and knows her passion for this program. Visit Spirit Kid’s website here.

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