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More Spiritual Protection Methods

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Learn How to Protect Yourself   Ivory Angelic

Like a Moth to the Flame

The brighter your light, the more attracted darkness will be to it. It will delight in holding you back from achieving your mission or causing you to sink into fear.

In part I of this topic, I addressed prayers, invocations, and other verbal spiritual protection. This post is about physical items which are useful to protect yourself spiritually.

Start With a Thorough Cleanse

I do not mean domestic cleaning.  I mean a spiritual cleansing of your home and work space.  This can be done with:

  • Sage smudge.  I like to crumble some leaves in my smudging shell, light them, blow it out and carry it room to room, praying, and stating my intention “Only that of the highest and best good for myself, my family and friends may enter this home/office.  Anything that is not of the light must leave now and forever.”  I also pray as I do this.  If you use an entire sage bundle, you will have to bury the entire thing in the ground after you smudge your home/office.
  • Palo Santo wood.  You light the end, blow it out and use the smoke to smudge your home/office.  The smell is easier to tolerate for some people. Follow the same steps above, except you do not need to bury the stick afterward.
  • Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Essential Oil enhance spiritual protection.  You use all or a combination of these.  Dab a bit on the corners of all doorways and windows, as you state your intentions, and pray.  This is really nice for people with allergies, as the scents are better tolerated.

On to Crystals

Get four quartz crystals.  They do not need to be perfectly clear but do need to be truncated (pointed) on at least one end.  Wrap each crystal with copper wire.  You can get this wire inexpensively at a hardware store.

Put one copper wire wrapped quartz crystal in each of the four corners of your home, and office space.  The fifth goes in the center of your home, or office.  If your home has a garage attached to the home, one of the crystals will go in the corner of the garage, as it counts as part of your home.

This puts a grid of protection into your space.  You can bury small copper wire wrapped quartz crystals around the perimeter of your property to add more protection.

More Spiritual Protection Methods

One of my favorites is Orgonite products, which I was introduced to by Ed Movius, who supplies our shop with very high vibration Orgonite items.  Orgonite is resin with small pieces of curled metal in it.  Ed adds particular crystals and semi-precious gemstones to his products, to increase the vibrations.  These products protect you from EMF and radiation, as well as providing spiritual protection from dark energy and people.

They come in different shapes for a variety of purposes:

  • Orgonite Pendants–  You can wear them all day if you frequently deal with psychic vampires and low vibration people.  You can wear one overnight to protect you further from nightmares, unwanted night visitations, and overnight dark energy attacks.
  • Orgonite Tower Busters–  They go on the outside four corners of your home and property to lay down a more powerful grid of protection.  They are decorative as well as functional.
  • Orgonite Pyramids–  These are meant to go under your bed to stop nightmares and overnight dark energy attacks.  These are great for children who are having nightmares and night terrors.  If you find the energy to be too much, keeping you awake, move the pyramid to your bedside stand.

Taking Things Further

If you put copper wrapped quartz crystals in place and orgonite, and you continue to have issues with dark energy, you can add another layer of protection.  That is to put a salt ring around your property, or at least around your home.

Use Celtic sea salt.  You will need 3-4 containers of it.  Start at one corner of your property, sprinkling a little salt as you slowly walk your property.  While you do this, envision a wall of white light protection going miles down into the Earth and miles up into the sky.  Out loud, say “Nothing that is not of the best and highest good for myself, my family and my friends may enter this property.  Anything that is not of the light must leave now.”  Say the last line forcefully.  When you have come back to the original corner, say a prayer.

After it rains, you will need to lay this salt circle down again. If a break occurs in the circle, you will start experiencing dark events again.  Simply reinforce your circle. If you are psychic, you can tune into where the circle is broken and just reinforce that area.

In Conclusion

These are not all of the physical items of protection you can use. The list is quite long and cannot be addressed in this one post.  If you have questions about dark energy attacks or spiritual protection you may reach me by email to discuss this (, or set up a spiritual counseling session so I may give you personalized advice about your specific situation.

Yours in light,


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