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Moving Away from Our Hearts

Moving Away From Our HeartMoving Away from Our Heart

As our technology moves with lightning speed into cyberspace, our perception of reality and what we thought, even ten years ago, as impossible is now a daily information stream that sits in our hand. This technological revolution is pushing us away from our heart frequency.

Our intellectual minds are constantly challenged to keep with both random bits of information we use to drive, plan our day, figure out where we are ~ and make decisions that will determine the outcome of many vital issues in our lives.

Intuition vs. Technology

Use of what our intuition knows (what we sense) vs. what technology shows us can be a confirmation or a conflict. This technology has the potential to show us ways to move into our psychic higher consciousness connections and ascend into greater connection with our intuitive inner spirit. Or it has the power to move us away from our innate connection with source and self into manipulated mind control and into an artificial intelligence robotic existence.

The Connection

Our psychic, intuitive ability is a mind-body-spirit function. A function of creating mental, physical and spiritual oneness. The true necessity to retain the best of our humanity in all these aspects is our connection to our heart.

Without our heart connection the mind and body become a repetitive motion of mere existence. In our overly micro managed world, we become truly robotic in nature. We become lost in the intellectual pursuit of acquiring knowledge.

It is the heart frequency and our desire for our spiritual depth and the desire to FEEL our purpose and follow our heart’s guidance that speaks to us and awakens the inner knowing.

Love Energy

If we take time each day to replenish our heart connection. We will remain in our heart energy of love, compassion and kindness. Take time to stay close to our heart’s center and our desire to love and give love. Listen when it speaks to you. Because, in the end, it is our heart that will sense our direction by knowing what is right intuitively. And innately we will follow our heart home.

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