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These Cake Pan Orgone Hearts are great for transmuting negative energies in any location in your home or office.

They are ideal for placing underneath your WiFi router or hanging on the other side of the wall from where your smart meter resides. They work well for shielding out negative energies from adjacent neighbors in apartment buildings. Just hang one on the wall dividing the units. Use in combination with Tower Busters in the corners.

Each piece has a large 12 gauge copper coil that directs energy through this device, aluminum shaving, (3) 1/4″ x 1″ inch size Quartz crystal points, 20 to 30 Citrine crystal chips, several Black Tourmaline beads, and 6 to 12 Amethyst crystal beads. It comes in clear, violet, red, and blue semi-transparent colors.

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What is an Orgone Energy Device?
Orgone devices are “positive energy generators”. The epoxy resin & copper pieces attract Orgone ie ~ Prana, Chi, Life Force Energy. As the resin shrinks around the coil wrapped quartz crystal, it creates a piezo-electric field which enables the piece to automatically convert harmful EMF’s emitted by any electric device into positive Orgone energy.

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