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Magnetized Orgone Tower Buster 6 Pak is 6 | 4.2 ounces TB’s, each one with a 5/16 inch x 3/16 inch neodymium magnet. Each TB is drilled with a 5/16″ inch hole and the neodymium magnet is glued and pressed flush into the TB.

Rozlyn recommends placing six (6) Magnetized Tower Busters around each Smart meter to totally neutralize the effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

The Tower Buster has 1 to 3 Clear Quartz crystal pieces, 3 small pieces of Citrine Quartz, 1- small polished Black Tourmaline bead and Aluminum pieces embedded in fiberglass epoxy resin. The Aluminum pieces are the shavings from a CNC machine that I buy from the local metal recycler in our old neighborhood.

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What is an Orgone Energy Device?
Orgone devices are “positive energy generators”. The epoxy resin & copper pieces attract Orgone ie ~ Prana, Chi, Life Force Energy. As the resin shrinks around the coil wrapped quartz crystal, it creates a piezo-electric field which enables the piece to automatically convert harmful EMF’s emitted by any electric device into positive Orgone energy.

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Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in


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