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These Orgone Half Egg Pocket Pieces are another of Rozlyn’s favorites. When we travel, she keeps 6 in her purse and we place them in the corners of out hotel rooms to neutralize any residual energies. You can do the same thing with Orgonite Tower Busters.

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Rozlyn dreads going to Walmart to do shopping because of the anxious people energy and all of the electronic devices that are in use. When the energies are particularly chaotic (holidays), she will hold one of the half eggs in the palm of her left hand and she immediately feels calm and able to complete her shopping list.

These half eggs are made with aluminum shavings, proprietary curly copper pieces, an 18 gauge copper coil wrapped Quartz crystal point, 2 pieces of Amazonite, 2 pieces of Citrine quartz, an Amethyst bead and a Black Tourmaline bead embedded in clear casting resin. The casting resin can be colored. I have violet, blue, red, yellow and brown. The checkout page has a notes section, input the desired color there.

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What is an Orgone Energy Device?
Orgone devices are “positive energy generators”. The epoxy resin & copper pieces attract Orgone ie ~ Prana, Chi, Life Force Energy. As the resin shrinks around the coil wrapped quartz crystal, it creates a piezo-electric field which enables the piece to automatically convert harmful EMF’s emitted by any electric device into positive Orgone energy.

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