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Each piece of this 9 piece Orgone Train Set is made with aluminum shavings, 3 Quartz pieces, 3 Citrine quartz pieces, and 1 Black Tourmaline bead embedded in clear (with color added) casting resin.

This 9 piece set consists of a train engine, a coal car, 2 tankers, a log carrier, a boxcar, 2 more cars, and a caboose.

This train set will help harmonize the energies wherever they are placed. Ideal for areas where highly active children are playing like kindergarten classrooms, day care centers and for young multi-children families.

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What is an Orgone Energy Device?
Orgone devices are “positive energy generators”. The epoxy resin & copper pieces attract Orgone ie ~ Prana, Chi, Life Force Energy. As the resin shrinks around the coil wrapped quartz crystal, it creates a piezo-electric field which enables the piece to automatically convert harmful EMF’s emitted by all electric devices into positive Orgone energy.

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