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The Purpose Of A Psychic Reading

The Purpose Of A Pychic Reading

Classes with Rozlyn ReynoldsI was recently contacted by a potential client who wanted to get a sense of what information would be available in a psychic reading and what the benefit would be.

This was somewhat thought provoking for me, because I think of myself as a radio antennae and tune into receive frequencies of information. I started thinking about the things that I tell clients who have never had a psychic reading before when they are in my office.

Helping people understand how this information benefits them is an important part of making the decision to seek a psychic reading. As we move through our lives, we are faced with constant decision making and sometimes we just do not have clarity about the choices and directions we are moving in.

In this aspect of life, there are many different mechanisms to seek out information and those include consulting with friends, affirmation and prayer, to seek our intuitive connection to our guidance, and researching our different options. These sources of information are valuable tools in our decision making process. A reading is also a valuable tool to use.

A psychic reading is an overview and review.

Overview upcoming events and occurrences that are in alignment in your future and a review of past events that have occurred in your history and are affecting you now. In a reading I ask your guidance to provide the information you need at that specific time. As always, choices we make about events going on currently in our lives determine the type of future events that may be revealed.

Some things are destiny in our lives and those events are generally “scheduled” to appear in our future because those are lessons. All other potential events relate to what we choose and allow as we have free will during the course of our lives.

Many people find that during a psychic reading they feel closure on some things and new potentials and beginnings about events currently aligning. Ultimately, we have a tremendous ability once we have knowledge to manage the direction of our lives and a reading is an opportunity to access these tools of knowledge.

Some things may be unexpected with the information you receive, while other things may be a confirmation of what you already feel or “know” within yourself. I find that many people, when they are hesitant to proceed when they are looking at what I describe as a fork in their life path, are frozen in fear and doubt. Our fear and doubt can be disabling to our intuitive and decision making abilities.

So even though many people will feel a sense of uncertainty, they will find that their ability to choose can be made clear once they receive the information a reading can provide. I always encourage people when they are at a point of self doubt and frozen in fear to just still their mind and energy first and foremost, then ask to receive the information that is for their best good that they need to know.

If at that point you sense and feel a reading will help you, that is the time to seek the additional information a reading can provide.

One thing that is important to realize is that we all have our own intuitive ability that serves as our inner guidance system. Asking in the form of a prayer or affirmation to be sent the information you need is very important. Secondly developing the ability to feel a “knowing” within yourself is the development of your clairvoyant frequency.

If you are unable to objectively sense whether what you feel is emotion or your gut instinct of “knowing” a reading can assist you by providing details about the energies and events around you. One very important thing to realize is that we do have free will, keeping our focus of energy on the things we want to occur is crucial.

Hopefully this bit of information helps you determine if a reading will benefit you.

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