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End the Reincarnation Process

end the reincarnation process

Why do we reincarnate?

You may be looking at ways to end the reincarnation process, but there is a critical purpose to reincarnating.  Each lifetime is an opportunity to learn lessons, end negative cycles, improve ourselves as a person and spiritually.

It is our human self that leads us to want to stop the cycle.  We say things like, “I’m never coming back.”  But the truth is our Higher Self looks at the experiences very differently.

Looking at it from a Higher Self Perspective

We are presented with challenges that offer a chance to see our shortcomings better.  The more difficult it is, the harder it is to ignore it.  We’re supposed to respond to those moments by thinking about why it upsets us so much.  It’s imperative to go within and examine whether there is something about us that needs to change.

Change is not easy.  For some, it feels impossible.  But when we make positive changes, we are on the way to learning the lessons we came here for.

Planning a Lifetime

On the other side, when you are planning your next lifetime, you are doing so with your angels and guides.  Based on what happened in previous lifetimes, you decide on new situations that may help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes those situations are major challenges, such as being born into an abusive family, having a physical issue, dealing with poverty, living in an area strife with war.  We can exist and survive.  But if you want to progress through your lessons faster, you need to live consciously.

Living Consciously

There are no perfect people.   We all make mistakes, take the wrong path, react badly at times.  But you can take the reins and avoid living like a leaf floating in a stream.  This requires vigilance.  You need to catch yourself going off-track and right things quickly.

For instance, if you say something that hurts a person, realize it and apologize.  Most importantly, avoid saying things like that again.  If you find yourself being judgemental, stop that thought process and replace it with something kind.  Avoid being judgemental in future.  Should you realize that you are putting too much time and energy into third dimension pursuits, change that.

Third Dimension Pursuits

Life on Earth has a lot of distractions.  There is sex, addictions, work, shopping, television and other entertainment.  So many things to absorb our precious attention and pull us off our intended path.  Yes, we are meant to enjoy our time here.  But it is when too much time and attention is paid to earthy pursuits that you can lose your way.

You came here to achieve specific goals.  Those goals are never about making money, getting things, etc.  So if you see that you have gone astray, you can turn yourself around and pick a better path.  Your spiritual life, introspection, and personal growth need to be a top priority.  Not more important than your loved ones, but right up there.

Is it Possible to End the Reincarnation Process?

There is no button to push and end the reincarnation process.  It is only through consciously identifying your lessons and learning them that you can eventually end the process.

If you learn all of your lessons, you become enlightened.  Enlightened beings are Ascended Masters.  They have no need to reincarnate.  Know that there are some people here now who have already achieved that and  yet they chose to be here.  The world needs all of the Lightworkers, healers, and high freqency people it can get.  So if you are here and it’s really uncomfortable, perhaps you are one of those who chose to come back though you did not have to.

Why Come Back if You Don’t Have to?

Enlightened beings want to help our planet and its people at this extremely difficult time.  They are selfless beings.  At their level, they live in a state of unconditional love.  So they are okay with sacrificing their serene life on the other side to be here in human form now.

Our Higher Self is so brave.  When we are on the other side, we hear how people are suffering on earth and we want to help.  We know it will be rough.  We know we are likely to suffer too.  But the Higher Self knows human life is temporary.  Your soul goes on eternally.  No matter what happens in human form, they know they will be back on the other side again.

Something to Try

Try tapping in to your Higher Self.  When you feel overwhelmed, beaten down, drained of energy, ask your Higher Self to talk to you.  Ask for encouragement and direction.  Instead of putting energy into wanting to end the reincarnation process, put it into maximizing this lifetime to propel yourself forward spiritually.

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