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The Sirians

the sirians

the sirians

Who Are the Sirians?

The Sirians are a peaceful, innovative and loving race.  Sirians originate from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B.  Both planets are located within the Canis Major, commonly called the Dog Star constellation.

They come to our planet to assist us in raising the frequency of the human race.  Their desire is to lift us out of the dense energy we are mired in currently, so we may become a more fully functioning member of the Galactic Council.

Their History

It is said that the Sirians interacted with Ancient Egypt.  They helped them to develop the Great Pyramids.  Their new technology and vast knowledge was shared with the Egyptians.  The Egyptian God, Anubis, is believed to have been a Sirian.

You will find the influence of the Sirians throughout the Mayan culture, the Dogon tribe of Africa and in documents believed to relate to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Sumeria and Lemuria.

What To Expect in an Encounter

Just as humans can be, Sirians are quite diverse in appearance.  They are reported to have blue or greyish skin, sometimes purple.  In height, they range from average human height to very tall. One characteristic consistently mentioned with Sirians is a very elongated head.

Sirian Starseed

They are known as the spiritual and freedom seekers.  Sirian Starseed might come across as reserved at first, but inside they carry a bright beam of light and hope.  They can struggle to fully express their emotions and are often misunderstood by their family, friends and partners.  They embody the divine masculine, carrying what is known as ‘father energy’.  When on earth they can be either male or female.

Sirian Starseed value close-knit relationships, preferring quality over quantity.  They tend to take some time to bloom in social situations but once they feel comfortable they are intensely loyal, trustworthy and reliable.  They do get bored quite easily.  Sirian Starseed like to have something to do and will turn inward to creating new possibilities and solutions in their mind if they are not busy.

Gaia’s People

This star race is known as Gaia’s People or Earth’s People.  Sirian starseed are attracted to a variety of roles on earth, most being in careers which work with earth’s frequency or cycles of growth.  Some typical career they are drawn to are:

  • Farmers
  • Biologists
  • Conservationists
  • Park Rangers
  • Ecologists
  • Oceanographers
  • Cooks

Many think of Sirian starseed as being doers more than healers.  But they can possess skill in both of these areas.  They are diplomatic, able to maintain a calm and welcoming energy.  Rarely do they become angry at those around them.  Sirian starseed choose to look toward the futurre.  They rarely get caught up in the past.  Many report them to have a pure and optimistic energy.

Want to Know More About Sirian Starseed?

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