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Soul Mate Telepathy

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Telepathy Between Soul Mates

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Soul Mate telepathy is a bit of a hidden topic.  Much has been written about the Soul Mate connection, one of the ultimate types of spiritual relationships,  but not a lot about the special type of communication that exists between them. With Soul Mate telepathy, no words need be spoken. They are able to pick up a lot from one another by merely looking in each others eyes.

Telepathy is a pure form of exchanging information between two people. It is a silent way of imparting emotions and memories directly from one person’s mind to another. This is done without speaking or writing anything. Telepathic transmission is a mode of communication of the 4th dimension and beyond. It’s frequency is higher than spoken language.

Soul Mates and Telepathy

Because Soul Mates have a deeper bond of love and heightened understanding, they are able to accept one another on spiritual and physical levels. When the conscious and unconscious mind finds connection, the level of communication takes a higher form. They are more likely to have a natural telepathic connection. They experience it and others can see it.

For the most part, Soul Mates develop their telepathic bond on an unconscious level. But many master the ability with intention, time and practice.  This is certainly true of Twin Flame relationships as well.

Recognizing Soul Mate Telepathy

There are signs that a Soul Mate couple has strong telepathy between them. Here are some of them.

1. You exhibit many of the same flaws- Because you are so in sync, even your faults can match up. This gives that mirroring effect well known in Soul Mate relationships. Your faults are put right in your face between you see them in your partner. It gives you a chance to face your shortcomings and work on them. Also, having similar flaws helps you understand your partner better.

2. You know what your partner is going to say- Before your partner opens their mouth to speak, you somehow know the words that they are going to speak. It seems like you can read one another’s thoughts. It’s difficult to hide much in this kind of relationship.

3. You communicate via dreams- You can have the same dream on the same night your partner has it. This is the strong connection you have at a subconscious level. A Soul Mate couple enjoys talking about their dreams, unlike most people who don’t care to hear about what someone else dreamed. You two know you will have shared experiences and even journeyed together in a sleep state.

4. Mental conversation comes easily- Words are not necessary between you. Your partner may bring you a blanket before you even express being chilly. You might stand up to leave a party before your partner needs to tell you they they are ready to go. Just a look between you can speak volumes. This is a connection most people cannot imagine.

5. Knowing things without being told- You can try to cover up your feelings but your partner will instantly know your true emotions. They will be able to feel your feelings easily. Even from a distance, emotions are shared between them. If you are feeling really sad, your partner could be a thousand miles away and suddenly feel sad. They are feeling your emotion.

6. Their tastes and interests and similar- You are very in harmony with one another. You tend to enjoy the same past times, types of movies and books. You both feel a connection to the same type of place, such as being ocean people, or mountain lovers.

Never Experienced Telepathy?

It’s real. Telepathy has been proven by scientific experiments conducted over 30 years at Princeton University. This was the PEAR program. Their experiments have shown that telepathy is instantaneous across any distance. You can communicate with your Soul Mate while they are on the other side of the planet, or across the street.

Their studies show that a telepathic contact is stronger with someone you click with. The biggest click would be between Soul Mates. It is likely that it will be one of the first things you notice after meeting your Soul Mate.

Want to Learn More?

Watch the video below to see the full talk show episode on the topic of Soul Mate Telepathy.  Set up a Couples Reading to learn more about your relationship.

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