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Spiritual Cleansing Experience

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Three Levels of Spiritual Cleansing

It Sneaks Up on You

The first time you go through a spiritual cleansing experience, it will likely surprise you.  There are three phases to this kind of cleansing and no guarantee of what order they will happen in.

The levels are:  Relationships & Work, Negative Input, and Diet

Why Do We Have a Spiritual         Cleansing Experience?

As you move ahead on your spiritual journey, your vibrations are rising.  You will reach a point where your vibrations no longer mesh well with the vibrations of certain parts of your life.  The sense of discomfort is acute and will not just go away.

If you fight the changes that must happen to allow you to move ahead, you will feel more and more discomfort.  You will also likely find yourself feeling stuck, unable to access your spiritual gifts or even go about your life with ease.

When you let go and allow what needs to happen to simply happen, things get easier, you feel better, and you are likely to experience a big shift forward on your spiritual path.

Relationships & Work Cleanse

This is the one that generally occurs first, though again…there is no set order to this process.  Suddenly a person, or persons, who you have known for years and has been close to you leave you feeling drained, or you realize you have nothing in common anymore.  This can happen with friends, spouses, family members, and careers.

When this happens, the other person(s) will feel it too.  They will feel uncomfortable around you, but because they are not on a spiritual path, or not far along it, they will have no idea what the problem is.  When you let that relationship go with love, and bless them, it will fade away naturally.  Both of you will be happier.

Spiritual Counselor Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Ivory LaNoue 928-282-2243

Negative Input Cleanse

You will know this is happening when you watch or read something scary or violent and you don’t feel good.  Perhaps you develop pain in your Solar Plexis chakra, you feel queasy, or emotionally overwhelmed.  It will be intolerable for you to watch horror movies, tv shows with blood and mayhem, or even watch the news.

This is because fear and violence are very low vibration emotions/events.   Feeling this way is a wonderful sign that you have successfully raised your vibrations to a high level.  You can handle this by simply avoiding input that is low vibration.  This includes conversations about fear, and violence.

Dietary Cleanse

The last type of spiritual cleansing experience is the dietary cleanse.  This is when you stop craving unhealthy foods you once enjoyed.  You clean up your diet by eating more organic, less meat, avoiding chemicals, eliminating alcohol and sugar from your diet.

This is not about a mid life crisis or some desire to turn your health around.  It is a direct result of raising your vibrational level to the point where your body knows that it requires healthy fuel.  It feels right to cut out foods, beverages and substances that are not healthy.  Vegetables and fruit have a higher vibrational rate than meat and dairy products do.  Organic product is even higher vibration.

Something to Look Forward To

This is not a one time event.  It can happen a few times along your spiritual journey.  Each time you reach a new level, expect to be guided to make some changes.  You will know what is right for you.  For as you go higher, your intuition develops in response.

These multi-level spiritual cleanses are necessary for you to reach the highest vibrational level possible.  Try to relax and go with the flow.  Nothing is really lost.  Change is inevitable and can be remarkable.

Ivory LaNoue

Psychic Medium, Angel Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Healer

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