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Spiritual Protection Methods

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Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

Necessary for Many People

Spiritual protection is necessary for a variety of reasons.  This is not just for people working in the metaphysical or paranormal world.  It can be for anyone.  Here are some of the main reasons you may require it:

  • Dark energy attack
  • Negative people
  • Psychic vampires
  • Doing Mediumship
  • Giving Psychic Readings
  • Removing dark energy/entities from a home or person
  • Excessive vortex energy

Identifying the Need

There are some symptoms that you are in need of spiritual protection, or increasing your current protection.  Some of those symptoms are:

  • Feeling frightened by a presence or paranormal activity
  • Seeing dark figures
  • Smelling unexplained foul odors such as feces or garbage
  • Feeling exhausted for a length of time for no reason
  • Feeling drained of energy after spending time around a certain person(s)
  • Experiencing a lot of unwanted paranormal, unexplained activity in your home, or another place
  • Failing health, or a lot of pain with no explanation
  • You’re a professional medium
  • You’re a professional psychic
  • You clear people or places of dark energy/entities
  • You do paranormal investigations

Feeling fear feeds negative energy, so you want to avoid going into that emotion as much as possible.  You usually feel the most fear when you are alone.  So first, remember that you are actually never alone.  You have at least two angelic guides with you every moment of your life.  When you are afraid, ask your angelic guides to surround you with their energy to give you strength.

Verbal Spiritual Protection

There are physical ways to protect yourself spiritually, but I will focus on those in a future post.  For right now, I am going to outline some prayers and invocations of spiritual protection.

The first ones are to be said every day, as soon after you wake up as possible.

  1. The Invocation of the Four Archangels- this is a short prayer to surround yourself with Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel.  You will find that Invocation here.
  2. The Blue Shower of God’s Love-  When you shower, say this prayer to allow the natural aura cleaning effect of water to be amplified to remove any negativity from you.  That prayer is at the link above.
  3. The Violet Flame-  This is a small, powerful book that explains how to use the invocations at the back of the book.  It is important to read the whole book before you say the invocations, as other protection should be in place prior to saying them.  I say some of these invocations every day to further protect myself, to keep dark energy away, and to keep myself as pure of spirit as possible.  You will find this wonderful book here.

When Fear Begins

At the first hint of fear, I begin saying the Violet Flame invocations, over and over, until the fear is gone.  This spiritual protections works beautifully.

When you see/hear/experience something that scares you at night, loudly and with authority say “Anything that is not of the light and not of the highest intentions, leave my home and property now!”.  Then send it a blast of white light by building up energy within your body and thrusting your arms and hands out toward where you saw or heard the disturbing event to blast it away.

Another thing you can do when you feel afraid is to visualize a golden bubble of God’s (your Higher Power) love and protection surrounding you.  It is shining, hard and impenetrable to dark energy.  If you need further protection, visualize another golden bubble surrounding your bed.  A third surrounding your bedroom.  A fourth surrounding your home.  And a final bubble surrounding your property.  This will give you a sense of peace.

Lastly, you can ask your angels to show themselves to you.  You may see a large glowing ball.  The color of this ball is different for each angel.  You could also see a flash of white or a spark of white.  This immensely comforting and will allow you to sleep, knowing you have angelic protection.

Part 2

In the near future, I will write about physical items you can use for spiritual protection.  Check back to get this valuable information.

Yours in light,

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

Ivory Angelic 928-282-2243

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