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Synchronicity & Intention Equals Manifestation

Updated December 28th, 2017 – I narrate a YouTube video below.

There are many wonderful things that happen in our lives we can’t explain. We like to say these are coincidences because that fits with our “everything is logical” mindset. However, many situations which occur in our lives are so out of the ordinary and can have no possible explanation. These extraordinary events are so amazing. We can only attribute them to what would be described as synchronicity or angelic intervention.


From an intuitive perspective, synchronicity is an amazing alignment of occurrences which, from a logical perspective, seem totally impossible. These energetically aligned events result in us receiving, achieving and accomplishing dreams which we have envisioned and hoped for. When they happen (manifest) we are amazed and thrilled. Synchronicity is rarely discussed except as a mystical series of events. And yet it is the major facet of the mind/body/spirit manifesting ability.


Synchronicity was first coined as a word by Carl Jung. It indicates a connection between our thoughts, dreams and visions and real events through an unlikely quantum physics connection. For example, you begin to think about someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. They appear in your thoughts “out of the blue”, and suddenly you run into them after years. Even though it was extremely unlikely you would ever encounter them again. This simple example is about the connection our psychic sixth sense has to our spirit. And how it subconsciously “connects the dots” prior to the event occurring.

Focus Of Attention

The same thing happens when we focus on an intense desire for events to occur that we want, for some good purpose. We think and feel these events, we see them happening, we put our energy into these visions and dreams. And suddenly they align and manifest. In short, synchronicity manifestations are the synchronization result of our intense desires, dreams and intentions creating the energy to make thing happen in a sequence of events. Our soul/spirit, our willingness to envision and ask that our wishes and dreams come true and the focus of our energetic intention all contribute to these amazing synchronicities. It’s quantum physics!

And yet, from a psychic and spiritual perspective, it’s far more than just science. When we engage our entire thoughts, feelings and desires, we are asking that these events happen as we want, and need these events to manifest in our lives, our angels get involved too. Asking in prayer or affirmation just strengthens the energy we are sending out that realigns and creates unique streams of energetic events to bring the result we desire.


Of course, it goes without saying that these events have to be for our best good, and we must have the best intention for everyone and everything besides ourselves for which we are creating this vision. The broad perspective that our desires and dreams might include someone else can also only occur if that person desires, of their own free will, to be part of our dream. The manifestation must result in happiness for all because we cannot have any intention to create the synchronicity to manifest otherwise.

So, there you have it, a simple equation to work on bringing your hopes and dreams into fruition. Synchronicity plus intention resulting in manifesting your hopes and dreams. Of course, always with the belief and faith that it will manifest as long as it’s in the best good for you and all involved. Dream, create, enjoy!

Rozlyn Reynolds

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