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Synchronicity & Intention Equals Manifestation

Updated December 28th, 2017 – I narrate a YouTube video below. There are many wonderful things that happen in our lives we can’t explain. We like to say these are coincidences because that fits with our “everything is logical” mindset. However, many situations which occur in our lives are so out of the ordinary and can have no possible explanation. These extraordinary events are so amazing. We can only attribute them to what would be described as synchronicity or angelic intervention. Coincidence? From an intuitive perspective, synchronicity is an amazing alignment of occurrences which, from a logical perspective, seem totally impossible. These energetically aligned events result in us

Moving Away from Our Hearts

Moving Away from Our Heart As our technology moves with lightning speed into cyberspace, our perception of reality and what we thought, even ten years ago, as impossible is now a daily information stream that sits in our hand. This technological revolution is pushing us away from our heart frequency. Our intellectual minds are constantly challenged to keep with both random bits of information we use to drive, plan our day, figure out where we are ~ and make decisions that will determine the outcome of many vital issues in our lives. Intuition vs. Technology Use of what our intuition knows (what we sense) vs. what technology shows