Edward Movius ~ Detox Foot Bath

In 2011 I was introduced to the benefits of using the Ionic Foot Bath as a way to pull toxins out of the body through the feet, which is where most heavy metals and toxins settle over the course of a lifetime.

"We (humanity) live in a very toxic environment. Pollution from making and burning fossil fuels, the petro chemicals being sprayed on the foods we consume and the residual residue from these practices being found in our drinking water and the air we breath are wreaking havoc on our health.

"I am blown away by all the yucky stuff that comes out of people's feet (including my own) during a foot bath". I laugh about it, but most who witness it for themselves are a little grossed out, but happy it is now out of their body.

I offer detox foot baths at Sedona Soul Sisters, and would be delighted to prepare one for you!


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