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Autumn AlexisKayla Alexis ~  was born with the Venetian Veil, the signature of those born with strong psychic abilities, which was connected on the forehead at the third eye and on her chest centered between the heart and solar plexus. Babies born completely in the sac, or with the sac attached over the head or across the face are called “caul bearers” and possess great sixth sense abilities. She was also an indigo blue color which changed to pink once the veil was removed by the midwives who delivered her.

Kayla’s gifts were very evident during childhood when she clearly saw and spoke to spirits at a very young age and displayed extremely intuitive abilities and empathic reactions about situations and people. At a young age she also displayed the desire to help people.

Since she comes from a highly intuitive family environment, Kayla thought little of the events going on around her. She didn’t realize she could see and hear in other dimensional fields and displayed little fear of the paranormal events going on because to her, they became very normal. During her childhood electronic appliances would turn on around her, doors would open and close by themselves, her bedroom light would go off and on rapidly, televisions and radios turned off and on and lights would flicker in her presence. Items would mysteriously disappear and reappear.

She is highly motivated to help people resolve issues and uncover their true potential by tapping into their frequency and the psychic energy stream of information she receives for them. While reading she sees words and phrases from her guidance that provides insights for her clients and enjoys using angel or goddess cards during her readings.

Kayla is available by appointment only and reads with angel and goddess cards or “cold”, with no tools. Her genuine desire to serve and help others is the touchstone with which her abilities are grounded.


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