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Maggie Anderson

Maggie is an Author, Master Shamanic Cosmic Healer, Soul Activator, Channel offering you Magical Online Classes, Multidimensional Quantum Healing, Munay-Ki Rites, Sound Healing (drum, rattle, solfeggio frequency tuning forks and quartz singing bowls), Sacred Sound Journey Events, IET, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Channeling Sessions, Soul and Twin Flame Activations, as well Soul Coaching® and mentoring. Maggie is the creator of Sacred Soul Star Healing and Mystic Soul. Maggie is your guide to raise your vibration and activate your soul’s crystalline lightbody aligning you with your I AM presence and truest Soul’s mission for the awakening of Gaia and all of humanity.

Maggie’s journey to healing and higher frequencies began with one small step, leading to the next. Some pivotal moments she can remember are when her deceased friend, Michael, began sending signs and synchronicities to her and even gifted her back a purple guitar pick she gave him at his grave, three years after she dug it into the Earth. After that he sent her an amethyst ring on her birthday in the same guitar pick shape. She remembered giving birth to her son helped her become more awake physically and spiritually! This eventually led her Kundalini energy awakening experiences, finally losing over 90 pounds, releasing low vibrational relationship patterns, studying with powerful teachers, stepping more fully onto her Soul’s path as a Channel and Energy Healer, becoming a yoga teacher, attuning to several healing modalities (each one leveling her up from the previous), writing two books (“How I Found My True Inner Peace” and “Divine Embrace”. She is fully immersed now even deeper in her Soul’ Mission as a Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Channel.

Maggie is always learning, activating and working for her highest potential to guide others in doing the same for their highest soul’s potential. It’s her passion to help raise you up like the phoenix rising from the ashes. You are more powerful than you know. Schedule a session with Maggie today!

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