Onya Sophia came into this world in an awakened state as a natural multidimensional communicator and healer. She has been fully aware and in communication with Mother Earth and the spirit world since she was born and has continued to do so until after her grand awakening and Cosmic activation in 2004. Since then, she has been assisting clients globally for 16 years, for guidance, healing and to awaken their gifts and accelerate their ascension process.

She works with Mother Earth, your Angelic Guides and the Galactic Hierarchy, and gives you the insight to assist you on your spiritual journey, and the tools to continue to empower yourself.

As a Psychic and Quantum Holographic Programmer, Onya works in all timelines, past, present and future, and on multi-dimensional levels working with all your guides, the arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings. Through this process, she takes you on a guided meditation to all realms and dimensions to explore your very essence of who you are, and she can take you back to your planet of origin to get a full blueprint of your purpose and why you are here.

Onya’s healing sessions have helped people recover from mental and emotional traumas, physical illnesses such as aches and ghost pains, Panic and anxiety attacks and so much more……Her Psychic sessions gives an accurate depth, clarity and guidance to the questions one seeks answers too, and then she assists in giving direction for those who seem to have a desire to know!

She will give you the tools and methodologies of sustaining a higher vibration in your daily life, and awaken you to your gifts, so you will have a greater comprehension of selfcare and awareness of the energies in the world around you that you can use and share with all your loved ones.

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