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A true student of life in all its forms and dimensions, Robert stands on rich experience within both the worldly and the unseen energetic aspects of the human experience.
Robert uses his gifts of intuition and energetic awareness to serve as a guide to those seeking less suffering, to those seeking clarity, and to those seeking a better way. As the context of your life is illuminated, the discernment of truth becomes possible. Robert is an old soul, and a highly gifted clear channel to your deepest issues providing inner issue healing and balancing. He began his spiritual awakening and journey through progressive phases of enlightenment as his gifts began to flourish in his mid-twenties.

In pursuit of understanding the nature of both suffering and joy, Robert has studied deeply the teachings of the wisdom masters across various traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga (ancient vedic teachings and Krishna), and modern teachers of the way to Enlightenment such as Sri Ramana Maharshi and Dr. David Hawkins (Self-Realization, Devotional Non-Duality). Ultimately, Robert’s path has led him to serve himself and others in the process of self-enquiry, both in a spiritual context and a conventional psychological/personality context, because he believes that seeking to understand the nature of one’s self is paramount for finding direction in life, dissolving the illusions of fear, and resting in the peaceful natural state of existence.

Through his methods and processes, together with him you will bestow illumination onto obstacles to love in your life, and in the best case you will pluck from the soil root causes of suffering and discord.

Robert is a yogi in his pursuit of a peaceful mind, and he is a teacher in his disposition as a dispeller of darkness and ignorance. In addition, he is also a conventional problem solver from his career as an engineer, leader, and businessman - a career in which he achieved a degree in mechanical engineering, and then went on to hold numerous technical and leadership roles in both manufacturing and business.

Robert is a highly empathic energy worker dedicated to the spiritual upliftment of humankind.

As an explorer and guide, Robert cherishes opportunities to help individuals navigate times of change and uncertainty. He is devoted to helping individuals find clarity in relationship struggles - all relationships such as marital partners, parent/child, boss/worker, friend/friend.

In his extensive study of relationship health or turmoil, he has uncovered the importance that mutual foundational morals and values play in relationship success. Do you know your morals and values? Does your partner? Robert specializes in helping individuals illuminate what really matters to them - their values - and why their guiding principles are - their morals.

Robert has experience in the child’s perspective of a hate-ridden divorce, and also experience in going through a divorce himself. These experiences inspired him to communicate ways that divorcees and children can experience less suffering throughout the separation process. So often, parents forget that part of their role is to take burdens off of their children, not to put their own burdens on the children. Perhaps there is a better way?

In his study of the insidious nature of chronic stress, Robert has thought on lifestyle formulas conducive to greater relaxation and less stress/anxiety. Furthermore, the effects of complex PTSD run rampant in our society from vast child abuse (emotional or physical) that is largely unaddressed and unloved.

Robert has experience as a caregiver for the sick and dying, which led him to unravel the mysterious knots of the grieving process. How does one find joy in the shadowy well of deep loss?

As a yogi, Robert is initiated into the practice of the Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya - a technique for governing and down-regulating the nervous system using pranayama and chanting.

Robert has a comprehensive hatha yoga practice that has afforded him the ability to be physically comfortable and has eradicated the seemingly demonic presence of chronic back pain. Robert can serve as a coach for educating you on the benefits he received from the science of yoga.

From his years as an engineer, he was trained in root cause failure analysis (RCFA), which is a methodology for uncovering the root causes of failures in machinery, processes, or any system for that matter. Robert implements a similar methodology in aiding clients in uncovering the roots of discordant feelings, apathy, guilt, and the vicissitudes of life’s suffering and dissatisfaction. He calls this Root Cause Suffering Analysis (RCSA).

Through fearless self-enquiry and intuitive reading, you and Robert can seek to uncover pain points in your life that you might be blind too.

Robert can help you challenge the notions of what it is you want and where you think you are in life, and beyond those he can aid in developing a plan on how to get to the life you want.

“Perhaps there is a better way…”

Let’s find it!

Robert began to notice his energetic gifts when he was a teenager as he felt a fluid-like substance flowing through his body (Qi, prana, energy) that he was able to control and concentrate at specific places in his body. Through physical and spiritual maturity, and the practice of yoga, Robert began the path to mastering his awareness of this energy, exploring how negative and positive emotions affect the energy. Today Robert has the governance to align his energies precisely with his chakras along his spine, and these energetic centers partner with his empathic nature to provide intuition about people and places around him. Robert has found that the greatest energetic existence is one that follows the practice of unconditional love, yielding blissful states of communion with the all-inclusive truth of the divine.

During most of his twenties, Robert was confused about feelings and thoughts that would come to him that he was not sure were his to begin with. Through the grace of his spiritual teachers, he began to surrender to the notion that he has unusual perceptual gifts.

As a servant of the Light, he is determined to use these gifts whole-heartedly for the spiritual and consciousness elevation of all sentient beings.

With humility, he invites himself and you on the path to peace and joy.

Areas of specialty:
Spiritual, Leadership, Relationship Mentor
Self-Enquiry and Analysis of the Ego
Intuitive Reader/Guide
Life Coaching
Life Change Management
Guided Meditation
Complex PTSD
Anxiety/Stress Management
Child Development
Child/Adolescent Stress
Compassionate Discipline Methodologies for Children

Energy Medicine Definition:
“Energy medicine activities are the evaluation and manipulation of the human energy field, using the client’s or practitioner’s energy field to effect a change in the client’s energy field and overall mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health.”
- Energy Medicine Professional Association


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