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Rozlyn Reynolds ~ A lifelong psychic, Roz is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clairalient and has been providing valuable client information doing readings for over 40 years for personal and corporate clients. Her other professional services include psychometry, remote viewing, land and building analysis to clear energy fields with retained spirit energies, mediumship, animal communication, energetic clearing, healing and balancing utilizing crystals to facilitate both touch and distance healing energy work, intuition development mentoring and classes. In addition, Roz also does intuitive spiritual counseling and coaching to teach and facilitate visualization and manifestation for goal accomplishment.

The earth energy in Sedona lends itself to intuitive clarity ~ for clients who want to develop their psychic ability Roz offers basic tips and suggestions or mentor training. As a psychometrist Roz is very sensitive to earth energy magnetic and electrical fields and vortex energies ~ Sedona offers amazing learning opportunities to increase sensitivity just by learning to “feel” the earth and its effects. Personal exploration for potential energetic shifts and growth within Sedona’s vortex field can be taught by Roz and creates opportunities and new possibilities for clients to explore and experience the positive and amazing effects of this enhanced magnetic environment and tap their gifts.

Roz recently connected with three other psychics to form Sedona Soul Sisters in a combined mission with common intention of offering a traditional professional office environment for readings, client clarity and energetic healing. Combining complementary gifts and talents to create a powerful group synergy, the Sedona Soul Sisters members’ shared vision is providing peace for body, mind and spirit. Click a button below for more information.


Sedona Soul Sisters Office