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Testimonials For Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue

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I have had a number of wonderful readings, and I would put Ivory among the top. She was able to connect with my loved ones, with evidential information that only myself and my family in spirit would know. She also connected with my Angels, and guides, giving me messages that have come to fruition. She is gifted is so many ways, and her care and compassion for each of her clients shines through. I trust her guidance, as always feel so much better after speaking with her.
Linda M.

I had a reading with Ivory LaNoue. She was excellent and provided a lot of details in the reading. I found it very helpful to know how to move forward with my business and make some big changes in my business. She was very accurate and didn't fish for information. She was also very accurate with information in my personal life and provided great detail here as well.

I previously had readings with Rozlyn Reynolds and Cassandra Vanzant and was equally impressed with their excellent detailed readings and authenticity. Sedona Soul Sisters is a powerhouse!
Beverly Q.

As a social worker and grief counselor Ivory is my go to referral for my clients who are interested in learning more about the afterlife. Ivory offers a variety of services to promote enlightenment and healing. Whether it is a one-time visit or you are interested in working with her on a more regular basis there is something for everyone. I have personally worked with Ivory and have referred friends and family as well. All of who have returned for additional services as a result of the evidential information Ivory was able to provide from their loved ones in spirit as well as their guides and angels.

If you are interested in working with an ethical, well respected, evidential medium to expand your knowledge of the afterlife as you move through your grieving process please call Ivory. In addition to her excellent psychic and mediumistic skills she also has a background in mental health…an invaluable combination of skills and gifts to promote clarity, completion and closure for her clients. Ivory will also teach you the skills you need so you can communicate with your loved one yourself.

As with any appointment with a medium be sure to take some time to prepare for your session by listing some questions you would like to address. Although mediums have no control over which spirits attend the session, it is more likely that you will receive the insights and validations you are looking for if you take time to prepare.

Ivory is genuinely caring, compassionate and committed to helping others. It is no surprise that angels love to surround her.
Paula DeBenedetto, MSW

I wanted to tell you how much better I feel about things after the Chakra balancing yesterday. I feel cleansed of something dirty, and the events seem like they happened 20 years ago. I feel lighter. I’m grateful to you for your compassion and wisdom and sharing it with me.
H. L.

I love having you as my spiritual counselor. You‘re funny, caring, passionate, and loyal. To me you’re a doctor for people’s souls through spiritual counseling. All of these that make you so uniquely you!
J. Kachaset

My visit was very comforting. I was able to connect with my late husband and put aside some of my deepest concerns.
B. Naan

Ivory Angelic has a very gentle, yet insightful style. Once I relaxed into the conversation and trusted her, it became a very beneficial and fun! I am still recalling things she told me and am energized by them. Thank you Ivory!!
Cyndy L.

I‘ve never had a reading before & was a bit skeptical. She’s kind warm & welcoming. I liked that I was able to record session. I look forward to seeing her again.
Brit Eyes



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