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Testimonials For Rozlyn Reynolds

Testimonials For Rozlyn Reynolds

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Rozlyn was so spot on and so kind! She is a true medium and connected me to a few spirits of family members who passed away. I came out feeling so supported in my spiritual network! Could not thank you enough Sedona Soul Sisters! Definitely recommend!
Eugenia B.

Roselyn was amazing! She had such a kind and comforting demeanor. If I wasn’t 300 miles away I would see her regularly
Corinna L.

We had a couples reading with Roz today and she is AMAZING!! I was floored on the specific things that she picked up on with us. She’s the 1st psychic I’ve been to that I felt was truly psychic. Her reading was right on point.
For example, I’ve been really worried about some issues concerning our kids, and she was immediately able to describe each one of our kids to us, giving us unique details about each of them that NO ONE else would know.
She just blew us both away with the reading we received from her.
In addition to being an amazing psychic, she’s a genuinely kind, down to earth person.
We both highly recommend seeing her for a reading.
Jessica C.

I don’t write reviews very often but I just had to because Roz was AMAZING!
She didn’t ask any questions prior to the reading she just started talking. She was spot on with so many things it was awesome!

I’ve been to many psychics and I always try to not say much and see what they come up with. Roz told me things I’d been thinking about and working on, things that were specific to me and my family and gave me a peek into the future. I would highly recommend a reading from Roz!

I only wish I’d thought to record it…there was so much great info I wanted to share with my family and I can’t remember it all!
Amber G.

While in Sedona last weekend, I decided to have my first psychic reading. I chose Rozlyn purely based on the fact that I liked her face… it was kind :). I was not disappointed. Everything that came up during the reading was spot on. The only thing that didn’t make sense to me at the time, had to do with a pair of shoes left by a loved one as a sign. Later that night, I made a call and found out that Rozlyn was right about this as well. I can’t even describe the feeling I had as I was leaving Rozlyn’s office. I felt amazingly light and I was just plain blown away by her gift. I can’t wait to get to Sedona to see her again!
Alysa J.

I have become the manifesting “queen” since beginning my intuitive coaching sessions with Roz!Her intuitive talent goes far beyond what I expected. Her abilities are of such a high level that she knew what was going on with me long before I would speak a word and her ability to read my energy and my energy field, was so spot on that I couldn’t wait for my next session. I was like a kid in a candy store. I absolutely love her honesty, directness and openness. Working with her showed me that I can take control of every situation and manifest what I need all while staying positive. My whole way of being has changed for the best. I am much more insightful, focused, positive and can manifest pretty much anything as long as I remember and use the tools Roz provided.

Roz was and is a much loved driving force for me during our coaching sessions as well as in my everyday life. Thank you Roz for all that you have brought out in me as well as all you have taught me.
J. N.

In 1981, Roz began reading for me and this has continued through various phases of my life.I can positively state that she has amazing accuracy and whatever she tells me, I take it to heart and many wonderful things have happened to me because I listened to her. I trust her explicitly, and would recommend her natural born gift to anyone.
Patricia E. Dixon

Roz is a huge part of our healing process. I would call Roz a Psychic Counselor… a person who has two gifts in one!
Krista R.


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