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Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationship

Twin Flame Relationships

twin flame relationships
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There is so much information on twin flame relationships now, much of which is inaccurate and can become confusing.

Most twin flame relationships start, powerfully and unexpectedly. Frequently, the people experiencing the effects of this powerful energy connection find that many of the traits of their twin flame are not what they would normally be attracted to, or seek out.

Their mutual attraction is like a fiery, all-consuming passion they have never experienced before. They feel obsessed with their twin flame and are magnetically pulled together by passion and simultaneously pushed apart by the fear of vulnerability in this powerful emotional whirlwind.

The purpose of these relationships has been questioned for many years and there are many opinions, but the reality is the journey they take us on, shows us who we are within. These relationships clear old energies, in this life and past lives, and create new directions as they evolve. Both parties mirror many of the same issues back to each other, and the intense inner issues that are brought to the surface are about our innermost spiritual and emotional conflicts.

Twin Flame Energy

Finding resolution is crucial for both parties, but we must choose to address these issues and participate together in clearing them, or the twin flame energy can become self and mutually destructive.

When one person in the couple is already experiencing their spiritual path at the beginning of their connection, the other has to be willing to work on their growth and the inner issues shown to them by their twin so they keep pace as they find balance within the “pull-push” of the attract and repel dance of the twin flame energies.

The twin flame connection occurs with sudden, amazing intimacy and love, but there can also be tremendous fear, unhappiness and stress should one person decide to retreat back into their old comfort zone habits, leaving the other on the journey to experience self growth alone.

Moving Forward

If the sense of fear does result in one twin pushing the other away, the intense conflict can become emotionally heavy and overwhelming, resulting in one or both falling back into old patterns and habits, therefore avoiding having to do the self work required for growth by one or both twins.

While a person can run from this work, they cannot hide. The issues remain within the opportunity created in the twin flame energy to resolve and move forward into deeper intimacy and commitment. If one or both retreat, the potential begins to evaporate the energy between them. Once their passion becomes fear, moving forward into deeper oneness is no longer viable and the relationship usually cannot withstand the conflicts.

Therefore, both twins must commit to seeing the mirror image of themselves in their twin flame partner and be willing to work on their own issues fully to manifest the ultimate desired conclusion of their twin flame relationship – lasting love and long term commitment. The objective is to have this amazing connection and lasting love for the rest of your life!

The Risks

Either way, it almost always involves risk — emotional, financial and personal — in these twin flame relationships. Both must either commit to deal with these issues and move forward, or the two paths separate. You must be willing to allow your twin flame partner to decide their own path. This is crucial and a true expression of love.

Ultimately, while letting go of a twin flame is truly fearful, painful and a devastating experience, the fact remains that their choice to retreat or commit affects you, and requires you to decide what will work for you.

Reflections of Ourselves

Unless both twins commit to working on their mirror issues, things will manifest in negative energy which will continue to result in pain, sorrow, and unhappiness. Both twins must decide to work toward resolution, clearing and honest love together or proceed different directions alone.

If so the lessons and realizations, their spiritual journey continues for each, but the twin flame cord must be cut.

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Many blessings,

Rozlyn Reynolds
Rozlyn Reynolds ~ Psychic Mystic

Rozlyn Reynolds

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