Sedona Soul Sisters

You have found the Sedona Soul Sisters home. We are fully dedicated to our mission as Light-workers. What does this mean, exactly?
Each day, with every client, we strive that our impact is 3-fold:

  1. AWARENESS that you, our client, are first and foremost a soul on a human journey.
  2. GUIDANCE through higher communication, providing you life-changing information and insights for you to act upon.
  3. HEALING through pure, divine, loving energy that transforms your emotional, spiritual and physical state of being.

Services Offered

In Person, by Skype, Zoom Video Conferencing or phone.

Group Events

Have The Sedona Soul Sisters come to your event in Sedona Arizona. Email us at to book your event. Let us know the date of your event, location, how many people, length of readings and the type of sessions desired.

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Meet The Sedona Soul Sisters



I don't write reviews very often but I just had to because Roz was AMAZING!
She didn't ask any questions prior to the reading she just started talking. She was spot on with so many things it was awesome!

I've been to many psychics and I always try to not say much and see what they come up with. Roz told me things I'd been thinking about and working on, things that were specific to me and my family and gave me a peek into the future. I would highly recommend a reading from Roz!

I only wish I'd thought to record it...there was so much great info I wanted to share with my family and I can't remember it all! 🙂

Amber G.

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"As a social worker and grief counselor Ivory is my go to referral for my clients who are interested in learning more about the afterlife. Ivory offers a variety of services to promote enlightenment and healing. Whether it is a one-time visit or you are interested in working with her on a more regular basis there is something for everyone. I have personally worked with Ivory and have referred friends and family as well. All of who have returned for additional services as a result of the evidential information Ivory was able to provide from their loved ones in spirit as well as their guides and angels.

If you are interested in working with an ethical, well respected, evidential medium to expand your knowledge of the afterlife as you move through your grieving process please call Ivory. In addition to her excellent psychic and mediumistic skills she also has a background in mental health…an invaluable combination of skills and gifts to promote clarity, completion and closure for her clients. Ivory will also teach you the skills you need so you can communicate with your loved one yourself.

As with any appointment with a medium be sure to take some time to prepare for your session by listing some questions you would like to address. Although mediums have no control over which spirits attend the session, it is more likely that you will receive the insights and validations you are looking for if you take time to prepare.

Ivory is genuinely caring, compassionate and committed to helping others. It is no surprise that angels love to surround her."

Paula DeBenedetto, MSW

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Terri-Ann is an incredibly gifted intuitive healer. She is a gift to the planet with her abilities as a reiki healer, as well as her compassion and capacity to tune in to the essence of a person's soul. I feel so much more completely at home in my body through working with her, and I am truly grateful to her for providing the service to humanity that she does. I have awakened to my own truth through working with her.

Jenna Zhu

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Onya Sophia

My reading with Onya was my 1st psychic experience ever and all I can say is 'wow? She's unbelievably accurate!' I've now had a couple reading in times of anxiousness and uncertainty, and her readings have helped me get through the tough times, heal, look to the future, and validate my path.

Breaunna Lake

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