Terri Ann is a natural born lightworker. She has been intuitive since she was a child having many visions and premonitions. She helps starseed and others who are awakening to accelerate their awakening while helping them to carry out their life purpose. Her journey began long ago but was accelerated due to the birth of an ill child. Her daughter was a direct reason for her ascension and today is healthy because of the healing they have both done.

As a multi-dimensional healer, Terri Ann works in many dimensions and many Angel's such as Archangel Michael and Mother Mary and galactic beings. Her training is extensive in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, Theta healing, Quantum healing, and Energy Transfer Reset.

Her healing sessions will leave you feeling connected and at peace while she creates a cocoon of sacred space around you. Her life's mission is a Spiritual Teacher. She will teach you how to use your gifts and to arm you with the ability to create a long-lasting impact within yourself and others.

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